May 2011


Sunday, May 15, 2011

  Before I learned about the “Love Letters” technique, I was notorious for writing letters when I was upset with someone in my family! Of course, I had no format to follow and most of the letters were given to the people. There were some letters, that I didn’t give to the person.I learned this letter writing trick from my parents, mainly my dad. You knew something was up when you got a letter from dad! My dad would give us the silent treatment when he was mad at us and then usually follow it up with a letter. His letters most times, left you feeling pretty crappy!

I can admit that even back then, I always felt better writing a letter and getting the issue off my chest. Even if I didn’t give it to the person, I still felt better just writing it. I rationalized it like this, by writing a letter I could make sure to say everything that I wanted to. I would normally forget things if I just tried talking with the person and then left the conversation feeling more upset, that I didn’t say all that I wanted too. I also felt that by writing the person a letter they could take the time to read it and process what I had said to them and then we could perhaps talk things over.

I definitely had the right idea, I was just lacking the correct format to use for positive results!! I really love the “Love Letter” technique!

I am thinking about perhaps, first using the “Love Letter” technique prior to talking with the person I am upset with. If I do that first, I feel that I will have gotten a start on feeling better and will be in a better position to discuss the problem without getting real upset and/or heated. I don’t mean that I will give the letter to them but, just write it and get it out & off my chest first before approaching them.

I am definitely to the point in my journey, that I am ready to take the necessary steps needed for myself. I am no longer trying to come up with all of these reasons not to just say what I want to, so that the person isn’t offended, hurt, or angered.

I have put myself on the back burner for far too long now and that’s stopping effectively immediately!! I am growing so much with each day in YOU U, with every call I am on, and importantly with each new tool I learn and use!! Combine all of that with the journaling and all of the support and connection between all of us and WOW!! LOVING IT !!!!!!!!


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