May 2011


Friday, May 20, 2011

I am experiencing an awareness, a rather large awareness!  I feel this new found self-confidence, this sense of “Knowing” and a feeling that I am arriving – if that makes sense?

I found yesterday, that in any conversations I had throughout the day; I felt very confident and secure with myself.  It’s really hard to explain exactly what the feeling is but, it’s good I know that much!

I am still working through the buildings in YOU University and my two classmates have both graduated already.  At first, I used to get upset with myself at how much further ahead they were than me.  I felt like I was slacking and it made me angry with myself.

I later realized that, all of us are on our own individual journeys and I am working at the exact pace that I am meant to for my journey!  It isn’t a race and we all pretty much started at different times anyhow, needless to say I got over it quickly.

I am excited to be at a point in my journey where the transformation is apparent to all who know me.  I’ve been asked what am I doing, told that I am glowing and even that I look much younger and happy!  Loving it!! lol

It’s been just six months since I started in YOU University.  The program is designed to take approximately six months.  Some people will take longer to complete it and some will take less time, either way that is okay.

I just really am proud of myself for sticking with it and not running when I started facing the emotional work!  After all, this is the first time I have ever not quit a program of this nature. By that I mean, a program designed to better myself and deal with unresolved issues.  I just wasn’t totally ready and the other programs I attempted to try were closer to what I was looking for but, not enough so to keep my attention.

It’s like, each time I found a new program; it was better than the previous one and more of what I wanted.  So, when I finally found YOU University I knew immediately that this was it!  This is the program for me, it has everything I was looking for and more!!

I am about halfway through the program and I will tell you; that with each completed building, my experiences continue to unfold and I love this program!!


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