Sunday, February 6, 2011

I am working to overcome great resistance in completing building #2 still!! I have made a promise to complete it by Sunday Feb. 2nd, 2011 – today!!! I realize that I am in a fight with my ego who is scared and simply trying to protect me. Change is always scary for the Ego. I also know that once I push through this resistance and just complete the assignment, I will feel so much better. I will also move forward in the healing process and that is the main idea of this journey home to myself. I must say if it were not for my Wise Fairy Godmother, Maia Berens and the support of my classmates and everyone else involved with You University I would be lost!!
I realize that looking at my past and the not so pleasant experiences I endured is difficult. I know that in order to make progress and continue healing I must do this. I am so grateful for the awareness that I am gaining and my ability to instantly recognize when I am resisting, that I have gained since starting my journey through You University. I definitely look forward to graduating, looking back and smiling with pride of my accomplishments and for healing that which binds me now. More importantly, is the excitement I have in knowing I will be helping others on their journey upon my graduation. If I can take my life experiences and use them to help others and show them how to heal themselves, that is living my life with purpose.

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