April 2011

Testimonial of Appreciation for YOU University

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I am working through YOU University & I really cannot say enough great things about this program, seriously!! The results to date that I have experienced can be noticed not only by myself & the others who are going through the program as well but, my family & friends too.
I found this program by accident or so I thought? I have met the most wonderful people who are so supportive, caring, & all around a great group! I have gained wonderful new friends that are all over the world. California, Oregon, United Kingdom, Australia, and the group continues to grow daily.
Sure, there are a lot of Life Coach training programs out there. But, this one is the most comprehensive ones I have come across. You get a great curriculum, add the support of weekly group calls and peer coaching calls then add time on Google Wave & there is pretty much not a time when you cannot get the support you may need or want! Friendships quickly develop & I love having like minded people that get me & what I am trying to do.
The curriculum is done online at your own pace & it’s powerful stuff! I love that the exact material that I will take my clients through is the very material I have completed myself! The tools & techniques I will teach clients, I learned & will use for the rest of my life too.
You don’t buy into a program, do the work alone & then send for a certificate of completion. You are never alone & you will earn your certificate but, you will be a better much happier person in doing so!! That’s not a promise, it’s a fact! If you do the work, participate in the calls & other activities & you are completely honest with yourself when you do the work & give 100% throughout the entire process you learn so much & you reap such priceless rewards.

I absolutely love YOU University & I am loving my journey home to myself. I have come up against resistance & I have learned to recognize it quicker & push through it. I am learning & loving what I learn. It will be used in my own Life Coaching business & in my own life. I look forward to what each new lesson will bring & I greatly anticipate our weekly group calls as well!


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