Looking Back

Wow!! It has been quite some time since I have read or posted here on my blog. I have experienced so much since then. I have continued to grow, I have continued to heal and the road hasn’t always been a pleasant one!

What I have learned is that each time we work on ourselves, experience healing and growth…another layer opens up. Each layer presents itself as we become ready to deal with it.  Sometimes, I tend to forget to utilize my tools and support and things quickly fall apart!!

Everytime this happens, I end up right where I began. I resort back to what works for me. I tell you this to say that we never stop learning, growing or healing. It’s a wonderful process when we process and use our tools and support.

I love that I can go back through YOU University again and gain new insights, discover things that I didn’t see last time and experience more growth and healing.

I also love that complete strangers are being drawn to me, they feel safe to share their stories and they genuinely seek help. The feeling is amazing because there is nothing that I love more than helping others!!

I remember all to well what it felt like to be suffering, to be in pain and to constantly be criticized and judged with no one to share with. I also know what it feels like to find the tools and support needed to heal and offering this to others is my passion.


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