About My Blog

My name is Teri and I am a YOU University graduate.  What is YOU University? It is an online program for personal development and training to be an emotion-based life coach.

This program is not your average cookie cutter, one size fits all program.  YOU University is the perfect name because it is about “YOU” and it has literally changed my life and provided me with tools to use for the rest of my life, tools…that actually work!!!!

My reason for creating this blog was twofold, one it was sort of a required thing and two I wanted to share about my journey through this program as I was going through it.  I will admit it has been awhile since my last post but, it is something I created and posted about while my life was going through such a huge transformation and I love to come here and re-read my posts to see where I was then and how things changed a long the way.

I am not selling anything, just sharing and if it inspires someone to check out YOU University then that is phenomenal. I have decided to continue posting now as I prepare to become a coach and take clients and my experience’s in doing so.


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