May 2011


Friday, May 20, 2011

I am experiencing an awareness, a rather large awareness!  I feel this new found self-confidence, this sense of “Knowing” and a feeling that I am arriving – if that makes sense?

I found yesterday, that in any conversations I had throughout the day; I felt very confident and secure with myself.  It’s really hard to explain exactly what the feeling is but, it’s good I know that much!

I am still working through the buildings in YOU University and my two classmates have both graduated already.  At first, I used to get upset with myself at how much further ahead they were than me.  I felt like I was slacking and it made me angry with myself.

I later realized that, all of us are on our own individual journeys and I am working at the exact pace that I am meant to for my journey!  It isn’t a race and we all pretty much started at different times anyhow, needless to say I got over it quickly.

I am excited to be at a point in my journey where the transformation is apparent to all who know me.  I’ve been asked what am I doing, told that I am glowing and even that I look much younger and happy!  Loving it!! lol

It’s been just six months since I started in YOU University.  The program is designed to take approximately six months.  Some people will take longer to complete it and some will take less time, either way that is okay.

I just really am proud of myself for sticking with it and not running when I started facing the emotional work!  After all, this is the first time I have ever not quit a program of this nature. By that I mean, a program designed to better myself and deal with unresolved issues.  I just wasn’t totally ready and the other programs I attempted to try were closer to what I was looking for but, not enough so to keep my attention.

It’s like, each time I found a new program; it was better than the previous one and more of what I wanted.  So, when I finally found YOU University I knew immediately that this was it!  This is the program for me, it has everything I was looking for and more!!

I am about halfway through the program and I will tell you; that with each completed building, my experiences continue to unfold and I love this program!!

May 2011


Sunday, May 15, 2011

  Before I learned about the “Love Letters” technique, I was notorious for writing letters when I was upset with someone in my family! Of course, I had no format to follow and most of the letters were given to the people. There were some letters, that I didn’t give to the person.I learned this letter writing trick from my parents, mainly my dad. You knew something was up when you got a letter from dad! My dad would give us the silent treatment when he was mad at us and then usually follow it up with a letter. His letters most times, left you feeling pretty crappy!

I can admit that even back then, I always felt better writing a letter and getting the issue off my chest. Even if I didn’t give it to the person, I still felt better just writing it. I rationalized it like this, by writing a letter I could make sure to say everything that I wanted to. I would normally forget things if I just tried talking with the person and then left the conversation feeling more upset, that I didn’t say all that I wanted too. I also felt that by writing the person a letter they could take the time to read it and process what I had said to them and then we could perhaps talk things over.

I definitely had the right idea, I was just lacking the correct format to use for positive results!! I really love the “Love Letter” technique!

I am thinking about perhaps, first using the “Love Letter” technique prior to talking with the person I am upset with. If I do that first, I feel that I will have gotten a start on feeling better and will be in a better position to discuss the problem without getting real upset and/or heated. I don’t mean that I will give the letter to them but, just write it and get it out & off my chest first before approaching them.

I am definitely to the point in my journey, that I am ready to take the necessary steps needed for myself. I am no longer trying to come up with all of these reasons not to just say what I want to, so that the person isn’t offended, hurt, or angered.

I have put myself on the back burner for far too long now and that’s stopping effectively immediately!! I am growing so much with each day in YOU U, with every call I am on, and importantly with each new tool I learn and use!! Combine all of that with the journaling and all of the support and connection between all of us and WOW!! LOVING IT !!!!!!!!

May 2011


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Once again, it’s been awhile since my last entry. I went to bed the other night, only to be bombarded with some information that I felt compelled to get up & write down! I realized it would be great information to share with future YOU University students.

YOU University has been & is such a wonderful, life changing program for me. As I work my way through each building and experience healing, growth, and learning; I have come across some things to share.

I decided to share these tips to help those, who will be embarking upon their journey through the program. I do so to be of help, to share some of what I experienced in hopes of helping to make your journey easier for you.

The following is what I’ve learned in YOU University:

  1. I realized it takes complete focus & consistency throughout.
  2. Very important, Do Not
  3. I learned that I needed to totally commit to myself to give 100% all of the time & to stick with it, through facing my emotionally charged issues.
  4. compare yourself and where you are at in the program to your fellow students. Just work at your own pace & trust that you are right where you need to be!
  5. A crucial component is complete honesty, you must remain completely open & honest with yourself. If your not, the only one your hurting is yourself!!
  6. Something I discovered during a very tough time in my journey, that helped me big time! It said that experiencing 1 or more of the following manifestations IS PROOF that your self-mastery process is working:
  • An increase in old, dysfunctional behaviors.
  • Distinguishable amounts of yelling, crying, talking, excessive activity, physical ailments, or illness.
  • Feelings of depression, anxiety, numbness, dissociation, being “Zoned-Out”.
  • An increase in compulsive behaviors such as alcohol, drugs, sex, food, TV watching.
  • Feelings of confusion, uneasiness.
  • Feelings of anger, hatred, or resentment.
  • Justifications and rationalizations.

That information was found in a book I have had and read most of. None of which truly resonated with me until now!!!

I am sure to come across more but, for now that’s what I have.

I hope this information helps my future fellow YOU U students.