Looking Back

Wow!! It has been quite some time since I have read or posted here on my blog. I have experienced so much since then. I have continued to grow, I have continued to heal and the road hasn’t always been a pleasant one!

What I have learned is that each time we work on ourselves, experience healing and growth…another layer opens up. Each layer presents itself as we become ready to deal with it.  Sometimes, I tend to forget to utilize my tools and support and things quickly fall apart!!

Everytime this happens, I end up right where I began. I resort back to what works for me. I tell you this to say that we never stop learning, growing or healing. It’s a wonderful process when we process and use our tools and support.

I love that I can go back through YOU University again and gain new insights, discover things that I didn’t see last time and experience more growth and healing.

I also love that complete strangers are being drawn to me, they feel safe to share their stories and they genuinely seek help. The feeling is amazing because there is nothing that I love more than helping others!!

I remember all to well what it felt like to be suffering, to be in pain and to constantly be criticized and judged with no one to share with. I also know what it feels like to find the tools and support needed to heal and offering this to others is my passion.



Well it has been three month’s now, since I have graduated from YOU University.  I cannot tell you what an accomplishment this is for me and how much it has literally changed my life!!  I will tell you that I am as excited today about this program as I was when I first began over two years ago!

I am still benefiting from the program today, I still use the tools and I still light up when I talk about it. I am excited to report that I will soon be working as an emotion based YOU University Life Coach myself and I am thrilled about this. I am so excited at the thought of taking others through this amazing program and getting to be a part of their whole transformational journey. 

I am looking to train other people who want to become coaches as well. What sets this program apart for me was that I went through it first, every step of the way, every assignment, every phone call and I did the work. When I share about it or begin to teach others about it….I will be coming from having personally completed the program myself. I will not have trained to take someone through a program that I myself have not tried.

Am I bit nervous about coaching, sure!! I think everyone gets nervous starting a new venture. I have a great support system though and I gained it through YOU University.  So, I will continue to blog and share from the perspective of being a coach now, not a student. I hope you enjoy my journey and Thanks for reading and following.



Graduation day has come and gone now and I am preparing for many new and fantastic adventures, Thanks to YOU University!!

I am going to be working at LifeTime Unlimited Holistic Healing Ministry, as a Life Coach – of course. I will also be doing a weekly blog talk radio show and facilitating workshops as well!!

I find it hard to imagine that the total transformation and life changing experiences I have had through YOU University’s life coach training program has prepared me for doing all of these things now. I use to morbidly fear any type of public speaking and would literally become ill prior to doing it!! Now I am truly excited to be preparing for the workshops and radio show. It just really amazes me!!

I have been going through my blog posts and journal entries from when I first began to present and I love that I can visually see the changes as they occurred. I am so glad that I created this blog and that I journaled from start to present. It’s really been a miraculous experience for me, one filled with so much healing, sharing, growth & support all the way through.

I am eager to take my first client through YOU University and share in their journey with them from the standpoint of being their coach. My life has been flourishing in so many ways as I have experienced all of the changes within. New friends, new jobs, lots of opportunities and exciting experiences surround me now. Not to mention, healthy & improved relationships with my family and loved ones. While my family still has it’s crazy drama and chaos, I no longer am dragged in or putting myself in the middle of it!! I know how to say no and mean it and that feels good, no more feelings of guilt in saying “NO.”

That’s not to say that my life is all peaches & cream and I have no problems, I do. However, the way in which I handle my issues/problems is totally different these days. I cannot tell you how good it feels to no longer avoid and run from my problems but face them head on, now!! I no longer deal with bouts of depression and I am at peace and content on a daily basis with an attitude of gratitude.

I intend to continue to post on my blog and share about my journey, because life is a school and the journey is an ongoing process!! Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to follow and read my posts, I am very grateful to you. Until next time 🙂



I am in the final buildings of YOU University, the Life Coach training program. First and foremost, I have to give myself a very big pat on the back for following through and not quitting when things became tough! I have for several years had the desire to make some very big changes in my life and sought out various ways to do so. However, I would start out strong only to disappear at the first sign of the personal work. I love to learn, I love to help others, I love personal development and more but, I had real issues with looking into my life past and present!!  I would get to this point in a program, book, etc and suddenly become very busy and that would be the end of that.  So for me to have stuck with YOU University and not followed my past way’s of disappearing, this is a huge success in my book!!  


To say that I am excited, nervous and a bit scared is an understatement!  I am very excited at the prospect of taking clients through the very program that I have went through.  I know what it has and continues to do for me in my life and I know that if a person is ready to make changes and willing to do the work, they will experience something very  personal, very life changing on their journey through this program.  Of course I am nervous and a bit scared but, in a healthy dose not an overwhelming way that will prevent me from moving forward.


I have realized recently that these wonderful opportunities and some very awesome and authentic people have recently come into my life and presented me with some opportunities.  It really amazes me that as I become more aware of who I am and what I truly want things continue to unfold and appear!!  I have always heard that this was true but, now I know this is true!!!  


More to come….



Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Time to share another testimonial as to You University and what it has done for me.

I was blessed to experience a very deep and profound healing through You University.  I received a phone call from a friend who wanted to tell me about a call she received from a relative of mine.

This relative is an Aunt, my dads sister and my godmother as well. We have a rocky history, filled with many attempts from her to cause total chaos and pain in my life. I have forgiven her several times only to be on the receiving end of her attacks against me time and time again.

I have never understood why she does this or what I did to make her hate me and want to see my life in shambles. This is no exaggeration, as she told me point blank while looking directly at me with hatred in her eyes that she will make it her life’s  mission to F$#@ my life up! To make matters worse my dad chose to defend her for many years and believe the nasty lies she told him.

To get back to the phone call, I was informed by my friend of her demand that I be evicted from my home so her brother who is moving back to Michigan could live here. She failed in her attempt despite bashing me and spreading more lies to my landlord and friend.

This is where I get excited to share with you the amazing healing and growth I have and am experiencing through You University.  In the past, this phone call would’ve sent me into a downward emotional spiral. I would have been very angry, hurt and upset and it would’ve lasted for days and sometimes weeks!

Not this time, I realized upon hanging up that by getting upset and reacting the way I normally did, I was giving her power over me!! I felt nothing, I was able to let it go with no problems. I vowed to myself to never allow her to affect me in anyway again. I felt a strong and profound sense of empowerment and awareness. This alone speaks volumes for the healing and growth taking place on this Journey through You University.

I cannot say enough about this training program, this program allows you to rid yourself of any and all emotional garbage from your past or present. It helps you to get back to the real you, your true self-that person you have always been but lost along the way! You go through this program and learn tools and techniques that you will use for the rest of your life, ones that truly help and really work towards dealing with situations you are stuck in, don’t want to be in, etc… I haven’t even touched on the people, the support I have been given, the true friendships I have developed, just all around awesome people who can relate to me, understand my situations and life experience’s, as I have said before they get me!

What’s more, I firmly believe to be an effective Life Coach you need to have gone through the training, utilize the tools and techniques that you will be using with your clients and continue to do so. That’s what makes You University stand out above the other Life Coach programs I researched. It is very thorough and you actually feel and see the results starting with yourself first!!



Sunday, March 27, 2011

 I continue to learn so much about myself through You University and I love it! I get to a point where I think I am stuck or blocked and then I am hit with a new realization and/or aha moment. The current assignment I am working on is a prime example. It’s a simple assignment involving making a list of the top 10 people I look up to and their values that I admire.
This should’ve been a breeze, no problem-wrong! I kept getting stuck and frustrated and couldn’t understand why! It wasn’t until I realized that I had spent so many years avoiding my feelings and emotions and remaining numb, that that’s where the problem was.
I am still getting back into the mode of feeling and expressing my emotions and feelings. It’s very difficult for me to verbalize how I feel. I struggle to pinpoint what I am feeling.
I spent so many years in a victim mentality, using avoidance tactics to cope that indeed I am working hard to be able to get in touch fully with my feelings/emotions.
I love that I was able to see what the problem was for me and work on it! I honestly would’ve not recognized this prior to beginning this journey through You University. I simply would’ve walked away and not even dealt with or tried to figure it out.
Yet, another testimonial to the awesomeness that is YOU UNIVERSITY!!!!


 I have just finished an assignment that has left me mentally exhausted! I re-visited my past, during the period of 29yrs. thru 35yrs. of age. I realized that 15yrs. thru 21yrs. of age, was the worst period of my life growing up but, 29yrs. thru 35yrs. old, was the most traumatic time in my life!!

It fully explains my resistance to completing the assignment. At first, I thought after completing the 15-21yrs. old assignment the rest would be a breeze. I didn’t understand why I was dragging my a@$ in completing this one and now I know why! I won’t make the same mistake I made previously, I will not hold back any tears that wish to flow and flow they will.

I am more determined to push ahead and dedicate myself to my You University work. I absolutely want to break free from the past and heal. Each completed assignment brings me closer to the life I want to live instead of the prison my past has locked me in. As I look at the Teri of that time in my past, I ache for her and send her my love, she is gone but not forgotten.

I am grateful for You University and the wonderful opportunity to make my dream of being a Life Coach and helping others who may be where I once was come true. To heal my past, and discover the authentic me, the person I have always been, am meant to be, but couldn’t see is what really, really matters to me at this point in my life.

I joyously release the past and I am at peace!!!!



Sunday, February 6, 2011

I am working to overcome great resistance in completing building #2 still!! I have made a promise to complete it by Sunday Feb. 2nd, 2011 – today!!! I realize that I am in a fight with my ego who is scared and simply trying to protect me. Change is always scary for the Ego. I also know that once I push through this resistance and just complete the assignment, I will feel so much better. I will also move forward in the healing process and that is the main idea of this journey home to myself. I must say if it were not for my Wise Fairy Godmother, Maia Berens and the support of my classmates and everyone else involved with You University I would be lost!!
I realize that looking at my past and the not so pleasant experiences I endured is difficult. I know that in order to make progress and continue healing I must do this. I am so grateful for the awareness that I am gaining and my ability to instantly recognize when I am resisting, that I have gained since starting my journey through You University. I definitely look forward to graduating, looking back and smiling with pride of my accomplishments and for healing that which binds me now. More importantly, is the excitement I have in knowing I will be helping others on their journey upon my graduation. If I can take my life experiences and use them to help others and show them how to heal themselves, that is living my life with purpose.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I officially began my journey through You University on November 23rd, 2010.The way it works is, you work in different buildings and as you complete all the assignments in one building you move to the next and so on. While there is no time limit for completing these buildings, Maia does provide us with a suggested guideline we can follow.

As of right now, I am in Building # 2 and ideally should have completed it by the second week in January. I have experienced massive resistance with this building and it was very difficult to get started. I pushed through the resistance and finally got started on the assignments, which are broke down according to age groups in this building.

I was making good progress through the assignments that is, until I came to the 15yrs. through 21yrs. age group. Right before I started it, I had a huge blow out with my daughter’s over what they bought at the grocery store? As I began the writing assignment, I started to become very restless and agitated. Upon completing it, my emotions were all over the place and all I wanted to do was cry! However, I held back the tears not wanting to explain why I was upset to anyone.

When I got up the next morning, I was extremely sick and though I tried to lay back down and get some more rest it did not help. I felt even worse then before, I had chills, body aches & pains the whole nine. In other words, I had the flu! It was crazy how sudden and out of nowhere it came on. Thank goodness for comfy pj’s and nyquil!!

I had to ask, if by holding back my emotions, was that what caused me to become sick? I asked and did some research, the results were surprising to me! People can actually make themselves sick by stuffing their feelings and not processing their emotions. I was told it can actually lower your immune system. Was that what happened in my case? I cannot say for sure. Based on my memories from that time in my life and the affect they had/have on me, chances are really very good that by holding back and not just having a good cry I did make myself sick!!

I really have to say, that this program is pretty damn powerful! The emotional work is not easy at all, I will just put that out there. However, the healing I am experiencing from my toxic past is definitely worth being uncomfortable!!

As for the toxic memories of my past they took me back in time! I could feel the teenager in me, that was deeply & repeatedly hurt by the people she loved the most, her parents. I just wanted to hug her, tell her that I loved her and that it would all be okay. It angered me, to realize how much this affected me, my life and how much so!

Until I completed that assignment and put it all out there, it just festered inside me! Seeping out in the form of toxic relationships, low self-esteem and my fear of becoming successful. It’s hard for me to really explain, how it felt to tell my story. For me to put my secrets out there and be able to rid myself of all that garbage I held inside, for all those years…. was huge!! I felt this sense of relief, as if a ton of weight had been lifted off my shoulders! What’s more I am okay with it now, in the sense that it’s no longer my shameful secret, I told my story, it happened, it hurt me deeply and on so many levels but, I am a strong and I’m a survivor. It was as if, I had taken back my power!