Graduation day has come and gone now and I am preparing for many new and fantastic adventures, Thanks to YOU University!!

I am going to be working at LifeTime Unlimited Holistic Healing Ministry, as a Life Coach – of course. I will also be doing a weekly blog talk radio show and facilitating workshops as well!!

I find it hard to imagine that the total transformation and life changing experiences I have had through YOU University’s life coach training program has prepared me for doing all of these things now. I use to morbidly fear any type of public speaking and would literally become ill prior to doing it!! Now I am truly excited to be preparing for the workshops and radio show. It just really amazes me!!

I have been going through my blog posts and journal entries from when I first began to present and I love that I can visually see the changes as they occurred. I am so glad that I created this blog and that I journaled from start to present. It’s really been a miraculous experience for me, one filled with so much healing, sharing, growth & support all the way through.

I am eager to take my first client through YOU University and share in their journey with them from the standpoint of being their coach. My life has been flourishing in so many ways as I have experienced all of the changes within. New friends, new jobs, lots of opportunities and exciting experiences surround me now. Not to mention, healthy & improved relationships with my family and loved ones. While my family still has it’s crazy drama and chaos, I no longer am dragged in or putting myself in the middle of it!! I know how to say no and mean it and that feels good, no more feelings of guilt in saying “NO.”

That’s not to say that my life is all peaches & cream and I have no problems, I do. However, the way in which I handle my issues/problems is totally different these days. I cannot tell you how good it feels to no longer avoid and run from my problems but face them head on, now!! I no longer deal with bouts of depression and I am at peace and content on a daily basis with an attitude of gratitude.

I intend to continue to post on my blog and share about my journey, because life is a school and the journey is an ongoing process!! Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to follow and read my posts, I am very grateful to you. Until next time ūüôā



I am in the final buildings of YOU University, the Life Coach training program. First and foremost, I have to give myself a very big pat on the back for following through and not quitting when things became tough! I have for several years had the desire to make some very big changes in my life and sought out various ways to do so. However, I would start out strong only to disappear at the first sign of the personal work. I love to learn, I love to help others, I love personal development and more but, I had real issues with looking into my life past and present!! ¬†I would get to this point in a program, book, etc and suddenly become very busy and that would be the end of that. ¬†So for me to have stuck with YOU University and not followed my past way’s of disappearing, this is a huge success in my book!! ¬†


To say that I am excited, nervous and a bit scared is an understatement!  I am very excited at the prospect of taking clients through the very program that I have went through.  I know what it has and continues to do for me in my life and I know that if a person is ready to make changes and willing to do the work, they will experience something very  personal, very life changing on their journey through this program.  Of course I am nervous and a bit scared but, in a healthy dose not an overwhelming way that will prevent me from moving forward.


I have realized recently that these wonderful opportunities and some very awesome and authentic people have recently come into my life and presented me with some opportunities.  It really amazes me that as I become more aware of who I am and what I truly want things continue to unfold and appear!!  I have always heard that this was true but, now I know this is true!!!  


More to come….

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YOU University a year later…..

Where do I even begin?¬† It has been far too long since my last post!¬† I am still in YOU University, yes….I said I am still in YOU University!!¬†¬† The program is designed to take approximately 6 mths.¬† Now some may finish slightly earlier and some, no names mentioned may take longer.¬† But, that’s okay and I’ll tell you why.¬†¬† I use to worry and get real upset when people who enrolled after me, finished before me!¬†¬† What I have come to learn through my training and development is that I am right where I am meant to be.

Everyone’s journey is just that, their individual journey!¬† No two people will experience their journey the same.¬† Most important is understanding that it’s not a race, we are not competing to see who gets through the program first.¬† I am where I am meant to be and that is perfectly okay!

The fact that I am still in training through YOU University to become a life coach, is in itself very amazing to me.¬†¬†¬† You see before this life coach training program and the journaling¬†community became a part of my life, I was a major runner!!¬† I would be all gung ho¬†to get right into training after training, books, teleseminar’s, etc…¬†¬† I really wanted to change my life for the better….or so I thought!¬†¬†¬†When I would get to the part of the program, book etc… in which it was time to do the hard stuff, to look at me and my emotional baggage……….I would run!!¬†¬† Oh I came up with very extreme circumstances as to why I had to drop out, to convince myself I was right in doing so.¬† All bullshit!!¬† I didn’t want to face nor feel all of those stuffed raw emotions, I had remained numb way to long.

In any event, long story short I am still here over a year later and I did not run!!¬† In fact, I am more excited now about graduating and beginning my own Life Coach practice than I was back then.¬† I also know that with my life,¬†the way it is & what goes on in it¬†to this day, it¬†has certainly posed a challenge for me in staying in YOU University.¬† I am the one who is seeking change, not my family!¬† They are comfortable living the way they do.¬† Which amounts to constant stress, chaos & drama!!! (not for me)¬† I can’t leave my daughter’s and grand children nor do I want to!! So, I have had to work real hard at setting & sticking to healthy boundaries for my self with my family.¬† I have had to stop taking on their problems as my own. I had to quit doing for everyone else, what they could & should be doing for themselves.¬† Most importantly, I had to make it crystal clear to my family just how important this journey through YOU University was/is to me and that I will not let anyone or anything interfere with this.

I have experienced healing on so many levels, learned so very much and grown wow, have I grown!¬† Not to mention, the friendships I have found through this program and in the journaling community.¬† My self-confidence today is far greater than a year ago!!¬† I can tell you that the person I am today, is not the person I was over a year ago.¬† I am more authentic, the real “ME”¬†much more confident and I love¬†& like myself for who I am, what I have and where I am at in my life!!¬† No more self-loathing, no more dwelling on the past or wishing for the future….I live in the present!!¬† I don’t wish for a different life constantly, I don’t live by default anymore either, I live by design!! How empowering is that?

Well I will end here and¬†I will definitely get more detailed as to my experiences & changes in my next post, no I won’t wait months to post it! LOL