I have just finished an assignment that has left me mentally exhausted! I re-visited my past, during the period of 29yrs. thru 35yrs. of age. I realized that 15yrs. thru 21yrs. of age, was the worst period of my life growing up but, 29yrs. thru 35yrs. old, was the most traumatic time in my life!!

It fully explains my resistance to completing the assignment. At first, I thought after completing the 15-21yrs. old assignment the rest would be a breeze. I didn’t understand why I was dragging my a@$ in completing this one and now I know why! I won’t make the same mistake I made previously, I will not hold back any tears that wish to flow and flow they will.

I am more determined to push ahead and dedicate myself to my You University work. I absolutely want to break free from the past and heal. Each completed assignment brings me closer to the life I want to live instead of the prison my past has locked me in. As I look at the Teri of that time in my past, I ache for her and send her my love, she is gone but not forgotten.

I am grateful for You University and the wonderful opportunity to make my dream of being a Life Coach and helping others who may be where I once was come true. To heal my past, and discover the authentic me, the person I have always been, am meant to be, but couldn’t see is what really, really matters to me at this point in my life.

I joyously release the past and I am at peace!!!!


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